Lawn Painting

Introducing VIP Pest Control’s Snow Service! This holiday season, let us paint your lawn white to add a dusting of snow to your lawn’s holiday decorations. We use only environmentally-friendly, water soluble paint. For more information about our holiday lawn painting services visit page. We can also paint your brown lawn green for a festive Floridian look for the holidays. Call today to make your reservation. During the winter months or water restriction periods, we offer lawn coloring service. The color will last approximately through four grass cuttings. it will not harm your grass, is kid/pet friendly and will give your lawn a beautiful green appearance. Also, during the holidays, we offer snow service to complement your lawn decorations.

Dryer Vent Duct Cleaning

Clogged and dirty dryer vent duct can place you and your family in great damage.  Fires caused by these dirty and clogged vents ducts are a common occurrence.  Vicki’s grandfather lost his home because of a clogged vent duct fire and she decided that none of her customers and their family members should be exposed to this kind of risk.  Check out the special offer Vicki is make to help give you peace of mind. click here.


Exclusion is one of the biggest factors in pest management. VIP Pest Control is offering a service to caulk around windows, doors, bathtubs, showers, and toilets. Caulking even the smallest gaps can prevent everyday household pests from entering your home, plus reap the benefits of lower electric bills. Call today for a free evaluation.

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