Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When I sprayed the ants, why didn’t they go away?
Most over the counter sprays are repellent in nature. The ants still know where they want to go, but need to find a different way to get there. Although the ants that were directly sprayed were killed, the original colony will split into two individual colonies.

What kind of treatment do you use for roaches?
about vip pest control pic 1There are a variety of indoor and outdoor roaches. Once we identify the roach, we will know how to best treat the problem. For inside varieties, like the German roach, we use baiting, crack and crevice methods to treat where they hide. For outside roaches, like the Palmetto roach, we treat the perimeter, concentrating on entry points to prevent them for entering the building.

Why didn’t my fumigation kill spiders and roaches?
Roaches that are still in an egg casing are not affected by fumigation. Spiders are known to hold their breath.

Why don’t you spray my baseboards?
We treat where pest hide. Treating crack and crevice areas reduces the chance that children and pets will come in contact with our products.

What is the dust by the front door?
It could be anything from dry wood termites to fire ants. You should have your VIP Pest Control professional come to your home and diagnose the issue.

Are the products that are used dangerous for my children and pets?
Every product has some negotiable risk, however, VIP Pest Control, through correct placement and responsible use of products, reduces the risk in comparison to baseboard spraying.

Do I have to wash dishes after you treat?
Most treatments in your kitchen cabinets are done by a method called baiting, which will not require you to wash your dishes. If further treatment is required, your VIP Pest Control professional will recommend that you remove your dishes prior to treatment.

When can I expect results?
Depending on the insect and the size of the infestation, it could take a few days to a few weeks.

How long should I water new sod?
New sod should be watered every day for the first month.

Can I get by without tenting?
Sometimes it is possible, depending on the size of infestation, to treat termites without a tent. If you are seeing swarms of termites, you may have had this problem for several years. In those cases, we recommend fumigation. But, every house is different. Have your VIP Pest Control professional inspect your home and let you know which method is best for your situation.

What will it cost?
The cost of your service is determined by the size of your home and/or lawn, and its particular needs and issues. Our service rates are budget-friendly and competitive. We will be glad to visit your home and offer a free quote.

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